"How You Can Create a Lead-Generating Explosion and Obliterate Your Competition!"

Here's the truth about generating leads: It's about as easy as your lead generating SYSTEM...and if you don't have a system?...well, try and imagine yourself in a 2 week Off-Road Race across the bandit infested North African Desert...without a road map, a compass, or a navigator...God Help You!

Now imagine your business competition taking food and shelter away from you and your loved ones. When your competition steals your prospects they are essentially robbing you and yours of a better, more fulfilling life. It doesn't have to be that way. Let our custom, lead-generating systems give you the life style you deserve! Email us at Phil@SkytrainMarketing.com. Call us at (646) 200-5945.

Local Authority Interview Video for Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Chiropractors & Funeral Home Directors

Video Reputation Marketing for Attorneys

Video Reputation Marketing for Funeral Homes

Video Reputation Marketing for Chiropractors

Reputation Management for Doctors

If you practice medicine, alternative medicine, or integrative medicine you will have to agree that there is nothing more important than your reputation. When your reputation is unfairly slandered by the medical establishment then you have a choice. You can fight back or watch your professional career go down in flames.

When a prospective patient Google’s your name, what does she find? Do your own Google search now.
As a matter of fact do several searches using the various combinations a patient might use.
Such as: “Dr John Jones”, “John Jones MD” “John Jones”.

If, at least, the first two pages of results from this search aren’t strongly positive, then you may have a problem. And this problem is probably costing you patients and substantial income.

Call us today.We can help change your reputation….. and bank account….in 60 days or less!

How To Own an Unfair Advantage!

“All I ask for is an Unfair Advantage” W.C. Fields

At SkyTrainMarketing our goal is to give you an unfair advantage.

If you don’t feel a little bit guilty and ashamed about your newly acquired notoriety and wealth …then we’re probably not doing our job.

As far as the guilt and shame….don’t worry about it….it goes away..usually late at night when you’re counting your money.

Google Domination: Why Ranking #1 Ain’t Enough!

Top 3 Rankings

A lot of folks get real excited when they find themselves with a #1 ranking.

My response to that is: CALM DOWN BUCKWHEAT!!

It’s true, about 35% of the searchers will click on that # 1 ranked site.

But what about the other 65% ?

Don’t you want a shot at those folks as well?

What if you owned the top 3 properties for a Google search….and one of them was a video (with the cute little picture that really grabs the eye).

All of a sudden you’re moving from just being the guy in the #1 spot to being the “obvious expert”….all from the overwhelming evidence you’re presenting in your 3 top ranking properties.

And you jump from exposing yourself to 35% of the searching prospects to 60% ….and possibly more.

And ALWAYS keep this in mind: Whenever your business adds an additional ranking to the first page of Google …you are bouncing one of your competitors off of a spot in the top 10 …… and into marketing oblivion.

VIDEO, Better Than #1 on Google? Proof

If you have a business and you can’t be found on the 1st page of Google for your most important search terms then you are leaving a lot of chips on the table.

And we’re talking some Easy Money!

Because being on the 1st page of Google now is like being on the Cover of the Phone Book, back in the 20th century…. a short dozen or so years ago.

However, some people are greedy. They want to be #1 on Google because they know that the odds of a visitor clicking on the #1 selection is much greater than him viewing any other selection..

Well, that is true….almost true.

It seems that there is another, even more valuable option.

And that is, having your video show up on the the first page of Google when one of your prospects does a natural, organic search.

Because when people are looking for information, it has been proven, they will almost always click on a Video first.

Just to show you what that looks like we placed a nutty little demo video on the net so that it ranked high for the search terms:

Forest Hills NY Lose Weight  &  Forest Hills NY Belly Fat                                                                                            

If you do a Google search using those keywords you will find that 2 and sometimes 3 of our videos show up on the first page.

Now I would never charge a client for placing a video for: Forest Hills NY Belly Fat. There just ain’t that many searches for that term.

But just  imagine the amount of business a great lead generating video would attract if it was showing up on the first page for: Seattle Plumber or L.A. Trail Lawyer.

Let me rank your video where it will be noticed. And then you won’t feel like such a fool :>)

Only your competition will feel foolish.

Phil@skytrainmarketing.com      (646) 200-5945

How To Get Noticed in the West Village N. Y.

If I was selling condos or renting apartments in the West Village of N.Y.C. I would first of all check and see what keywords people were searching with. Using a broad Google search it turns out, the two most common searches are:
West Village NY Apartments
West Village NYC Apartments

Two of the least common are:
West Village Manhattan Apartments
West Village New York Apartments

The next step is to take the exact words of the highest searched term and give your website or blog that name. The name alone is almost enough to give you a first page ranking website for your keywords.

As of today the name www.WestVillageNYApartments.com is available.

West Village search terms

What If Your Real Estate Video isn’t Getting Any Views?

It’s funny. In a big city like New York, with all the real estate competition, many “smart” people continue to make the same silly mistakes.

So, instead of hiding your condo video on youtube or in some real estate directory where it will just get lost and mixed up with a thousand others…

Why not get it placed, all alone , on the 1st page of Google where it will be noticed and watched.

If your property is in New York City then here are just a few keywords that your prospects are searching with:

Popular New York Real Estate Seaches

No matter where you are based, be it Seattle, L.A. or NYC …we can get your real estate video ranked on the first page of Google, along with a picture…so it really stands out…and gets that first “click”.

Email us at : phil@skytrainmarketing.com

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